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  1. AGM 2018 results —March 9, 2018

    We had our AGM! we had 19 people voting.

  2. AGM 2018 —March 6, 2018

    It’s time for an AGM again! We’re expecting to have the AGM on Friday the 9th of March, but will confirm with an email once we have a booking.

  3. Get your ticket for a day full of fascinating old computers. —October 9, 2017

    HackSoc has planned a trip to Jim Austin’s Computer Museum on Saturday the 11th of November!

  4. A P&P officer, at last! —October 5, 2017

    We have a new Press and Publicity officer!

  5. AGM Results 2017! —March 3, 2017

    After an exciting committee election at the AGM, we have elected a new committee of HackSoc!

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Boardgames and Cake

In one of the oldest and noblest traditions of HackSoc, we descend upon a room, play many boardgames, and eat much cake. Both boardgames and cake are brought along by members, so if you do enjoy the events, please consider bringing something along.


An unprecedented case of joviality and camaraderie has struck HackSoc, and we have responded with a weekly social over in the Glasshouse on Hes East. Come for lunch, a chat, and maybe a small game or two.


Another tradition with a long and glorious history, the humble HackPub, in which we visit the Rook and Gaskill near Walmgate and converse late into the night with members past and present about high culture, politics, and how old jet engines work over a pint (of something non-alcoholic, if you so desire).

Movie Nights

Sometimes two films complement each other so perfectly that it becomes inconcievable to watch one without also watching the other. Or sometimes two films fall naturally into a coherent theme. We gather to appreciate such pairings a few times a term.


In which we sit in a room en masse and listen to someone who thinks they know what they're talking about. Usually we have industrial or academic speakers, but we occasionally have student talks too.