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  1. AGM 2023 Results  — 22nd March, 2023

    We had another AGM, and have a new Committee!

  2. AGM 2022 Results  — 14th March, 2022

    We had another AGM, and have a new Committee!

  3. Spring Term Talk Submissions  — 29th November, 2021

    Submissions for our Spring Term talks are now open!

  4. October 2021 EGM Results  — 29th October, 2021

    On Friday 29 October 2021 we held an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to elect a new Press & Publicity Officer and one Ordinary Member, as well as pass an amendment to the constitution.

  5. EGM October 2021  — 19th October, 2021

    HackSoc will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Friday 29th October at 7pm!

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Board Games and Cake

In one of the oldest and noblest traditions of HackSoc, we descend upon a room, play many boardgames, and eat much cake. Both boardgames and cake are brought along by members, so if you do enjoy the events, please consider bringing something along.

Virtual Games and Cake

Join us in adapting our age-old Boardgames and Cake to a virtual setting in our Discord server, where we check in with each other and play games including Jackbox and Uno! Unfortunately, we can't bring and share cake, but we can make our own and post them on Discord.


An unprecedented case of joviality and camaraderie has struck HackSoc, and we have responded with a weekly social over in the Ron Cooke Hub cafe on Hes East. Come for lunch, a chat, and maybe a small game or two.


In which we sit in a room en masse (or watch a YouTube Premiere) to hear the ramblings of someone who knows way too much about a very niche topic speaking about said topic. We then have a Q&A session. We aim for a healthy balance of members, alumni and industry speakers.


Another tradition with a long and glorious history, the humble HackPub, in which we visit the Rook and Gaskill near Walmgate and converse late into the night with members past and present about high culture, politics, and how old jet engines work over a pint (of something non-alcoholic, if you so desire).