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  1. Spring Term Talk Submissions  — November 23, 2020

    Submissions for our Spring Term talks are now open!

  2. Autumn Term Talk Submissions  — September 08, 2020

    Submissions for our Autumn Term talks are now open!

  3. The 2020 Fresher's Fair  — September 01, 2020

    YUSU have released a statement about how Freshers’ Fair will go forth this year. We have opinions.

  4. Summer Term Talk Submissions  — April 12, 2020

    Submissions for our Summer Term talks are now open!

  5. AGM 2020 Results  — March 01, 2020

    We had this year’s AGM!

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Virtual Games and Cake

Join us in adapting our age-old Boardgames and Cake to a virtual setting in our Discord server, where we check in with each other and play games including Jackbox and Uno! Unfortunately, we can't bring and share cake, but we can make our own and post them on Slack.

Movie Nights

We hop on Discord together and watch a film (or several). Apparently some of these might have a link to Computer Science, but we haven't spotted one yet.


In which we watch a YouTube premiere of someone who knows way too much about a very niche topic speaking about said topic. We then head over to Discord for a Q&A session. We aim for a healthy balance of members, alumni and industry speakers.

Virtual HackTogether

Various nerds get together on Discord to discuss how their week has been, as well as any interesting things they've been working on during the week. This is a great opportunity to get to know the members of HackSoc.