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AGM 2023 Results

22nd March, 2023

We had another AGM, and have a new Committee!

The new committee is:

Candidates nominated themselves on Discord.


A Constitutional Ammendment was presented to the society, and rejected. The passing of an amendment requires the support of two-thirds of the members voting, which it did not achieve. You can learn more about the amendments in the linked GitHub issue.

Committee Election Results

All positions were voted on using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method, which is equivalent to the Alternative Vote (AV) method for positions with one seat (all positions except Ordinary Members). All positions had the option to Re-Open Nominations (RON). Quorum was 12 based on our membership count at the time, which was achieved for the election.

Voters were given access to a Google Form for the entire election, which required them to be signed into their University account, and allowed paid members to cast at most one vote per election. The elections were open for a total of 24 hours, then closed to prevent further submissions. The results of the Google Forms were collected into a spreadsheet, which was then used to count the votes manually, or electronically in the case of the Ordinary Member election. Voters' email addresses were compared against a list of HackSoc members, to ensure that all voters were eligible to vote. All votes will later be verified manually.

In case members were unable to vote using the Google Form due to technical difficulties, they were able to give their votes directly to the Returning Officer, who would manually verify their membership and add their vote to the total.


Candidate Votes (Total: 16)
Joe Krystek-Walton 15
Re-Open Nominations (RON) 0
Spoiled and Empty Ballots 1


Candidate Votes (Total: 15)
Lily Amber & Leo Millar 11
Re-Open Nominations (RON) 4
Spoiled and Empty Ballots 2


Candidate Votes (Total: 16)
Nico Pendleton 14
Re-Open Nominations (RON) 1
Spoiled and Empty Ballots 1

Social Events Officer

Candidate Votes (Total: 16)
Lilly Brown 14
Re-Open Nominations (RON) 1
Spoiled and Empty Ballots 1

Press & Publicity Officer

Candidate Votes (Total: 16)
Clara Hohenlohe & Jessica Russell 15
Re-Open Nominations (RON) 1
Spoiled and Empty Ballots 0

Academic Events Officer

There were no candidates for Academic Events Officer, so the role will remain vacant until it is filled at an EGM later in the year.

Infrastructure Officer

Candidate Votes (Total: 16)
Adam Birtles 15
Re-Open Nominations (RON) 0
Spoiled and Empty Ballots 1

Ordinary Officers

Total Ballots 16
Valid Ballots 16
Spoiled and Empty Ballots 0

Therefore the Droop Quota was 5.

Candidate Name Round 1 Round 2
Morgan McKay 8 (Elected)
Re-Open Nominations (RON) 0 0