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HackSoc run talks from industry speakers, members and alumni throughout the academic year. These talks take place in the Pod (CSE/082&083) between 6:30 and 7:30 every Thursday, followed by a social, unless otherwise specified. Talks are 30 minutes long, followed by 15 minutes of questions.

Attending talks is a great way to get a diverse look at what a degree in computer science can be, whether it's more focused on industry or academia.

Giving a talk

Submissions for Autumn Term are now closed.
If you didn't submit an abstract and still want to, and are local to York, please contact us at hack@yusu.org and we'll see if we can schedule you in.
Submissions for Spring Term talks will open early in Autumn Term.

If you're thinking about giving a talk, fill out the form above. If you give a talk, we will buy you a drink! You can assume that the audience will be familiar with computer science, but not necessarily well-versed in the subject of the talk. If you are not local to York, don't let that stop you from applying - we do have some funds to pay for expenses.

When submissions close, we will be in touch to confirm dates and expenses, as well as finalising your title and abstract. If we are able to schedule you in, we will be asking for any slides or handouts you may need at least a week before your talk.

On the day of the talk, we will ask you to show up at the Pod at 6pm to make sure that everything works.

We will publicise our talks on our website and social media. We also intend to record all talks, but please discuss this with our committee if it is an issue.

We look forward to seeing you!