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EGM October 2021

19th October, 2021

HackSoc will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on Friday 29th October at 7pm!

At the EGM, we will be filling two committee positions - read on for details of how to run for either of these positions!

This EGM will be held online. If you have nominated yourself for a committee position, join using this Google Meet link so that you can speak.

If you aren't thinking of nominating yourself for a position, then please watch the live stream of the meeting instead! This will be streamed using our live streaming service - a direct link to the stream will be emailed to you when the EGM starts, so make sure you're on our mailing list.

Our current chair Ash Holland will chair the EGM, and the Returning Officer will be Marks Polakovs.

There is a quorum of 20% of our paying members (or 10 paying members, whichever is greater) for the EGM, so please vote if you can!

Committee Elections

As stated before, we will be holding elections for the following roles:

You must be a paying member to vote or run for a position. If you aren't already a paying member but would like to vote or nominate yourself, please ensure that you purchase a membership from YUSU for only £4 well before the EGM begins! We won't be able to accept new paid memberships for voting once the EGM has started.

The Single Transferable Vote system will be used to count the votes.

If you would like to run for one of these committee positions (or both), please email hack@yusu.org with your name, the role(s) you'd like to nominate yourself for, and optionally your manifesto(s) for those roles.

You can also nominate yourself on the night of the EGM for either or both of the roles.

You can give a short (max two minutes) spoken manifesto at the EGM and answer any questions which members of the society might have.

The nominations and manifestos for the upcoming EGM can be seen on this Google Doc.


Once each candidate has had the chance to speak, voting will take place for ten minutes. This will be announced both on the live stream and in our Slack workspace.

Instructions on how to cast your vote on constitutional amendments and committee positions will be sent out at the beginning of the EGM. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Constitutional Amendments

At the EGM, we will also vote on any constitutional amendments which have been proposed.

The HackSoc constitution is now stored and managed using a GitHub repostory. If you would like to propose a change to our constitution, please submit a pull request containing the complete text of the proposed amendment, ready to be merged into the constitution, to the GitHub repository. The amendment can take place if approved by two thirds of the paying members present at the EGM.

The proposed constitutional amendments for this EGM can be seen on the list of pull requests for the GitHub repository.

If you have an idea for a constitutional amendment, you can open an issue on the GitHub repository. The current committee may be able to help you develop this into a proper constitutional amendment suitable for a pull request, however this takes time so ensure you submit any ideas as soon as possible. We will only be voting on complete, ready-to-merge pull requests at the EGM.