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Call for Talk Submissions

19th June, 2019

We're opening submissions for our talks in autumn term!

Do you have a niche interest you enjoy talking about? Would you like to give a talk to a bunch of nerds, or do you need low-pressure practice in public speaking? Then why not come give a talk for us? We welcome a range of topics and would be glad to have you, and to buy you a drink after the fact.

The call is for a half hour talk, followed by fifteen minutes of questions. Talks will take place on Thursdays of every week, between 6:30 and 7:30. You don't have to have the talk written already - give us a general idea of what you'd like to talk about, and an abstract.

If you'd like to do a talk, then please sign up with this Google Form!

Submissions will close on the 15th of August. We will be doing a second call for abstracts in the autumn term.

We'd love to see plenty of interesting submissions!