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AGM 2019

14th February, 2019

It's that time of the year again – AGM time!

Our next AGM will be held at 7 pm in the Pod, on Friday, March 1st. For anyone not in the know, the AGM is the Annual General Meeting, where we will elect the next full committee.

In order for YUSU to recognise the vote, we must achieve quorum. This is 25% of all paid members, so please do turn up and vote! If you cannot vote in person, then on the night we will be announcing nominations in Slack and will be accepting private messages with votes to either kma or davidjn.

The positions available are:

The three Ordinary Members will be elected via the Single Transferable Vote system, and the rest of the positions will be elected via the Alternative Vote system.

It is very important that Chair, Secretary and Treasurer positions are filled, as without them, HackSoc is no more and will not be recognised by YUSU! So please, do consider running for these positions!
If you have any questions please ask away on Slack or by email.

If you'd like to nominate yourself, please email your name, the role(s) you'd like to be nominated for, and a short manifesto to hack@yusu.org. You can also nominate yourself on the night for as many positions as you'd like.

All nominations and manifestos will be available in a Google Doc, which will also be read out at the AGM.