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EGM for Ordinary Member

19th October, 2018

Due to a resignation on the HackSoc Committee, there will be an EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting - a meeting which isn't the Annual General Meeting) held very shortly.

There is an opening for an Ordinary Member of the Committee until the next AGM in March 2019. This role involves attending and voting at committee meetings, as well as helping out with events the society runs.

If you would like to self-nominate for the position, please email us hack@yusu.org - or alternatively, there will be a final opportunity to self-nominate at the beginning of the meeting.

The EGM will be held at 7pm in CSE/082 (The Pod) on Friday 26th Oct (directly before Film Night)

Please do come along and vote for the next Ordinary Member! At least a quarter of paid members need to turn up and vote for the meeting to be considered valid by YUSU. Paid members can simply come alone and vote, but if you have not purchased the £4 membership, you can purchase it on the evening. Please note, you must be a paid member to stand in elections. In the event of multiple nominations, the election will be held using the Alternative Vote (AV) system.