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AGM Week 7

February 07, 2016

Coming up later this term is our Annual General Meeting (AGM), when we elect a brand new committee to be in charge of the society’s day-to-day operations. This is your opportunity to run for a committee position, take charge, and improve the society in ways you like.

The AGM will be immediately followed by Boardgames and Cake, and is on Friday the 19th of February, at 18:30, in Room LMB/038X of the Law and Management Building (time and room booking to be confirmed). LMB/038X is the moot court room, which in my opinion is a great place for a committee election!

To run or vote in elections you need to be a paid member of the society! Membership fee can be paid at the AGM, before running or voting.

The committee positions open for election are as follows:

  • Chair: Organises things, worries about attendance, represents the society where needed. In charge of the society.

    Currently done by Michael Walker (barrucadu)

  • Secretary: Takes minutes at committee meetings, sends emails, books rooms. Second in charge of the society.

    Currently done by Ollie Downard (frogba)

  • Treasurer: Swindles you out of your membership money, and deposits it with YUSU. Handles grant applications and purchases. Third in charge of the society.

    Currently done by Nathan van Doorn (Taneb)

  • Social Secretary: Manages socials, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. There are two social secretaries.

    Currently done by Alfred Norton (Alfie275) and Mike O’Dowd (mpod)

  • Press and Publicity: Manages the social media, put up posters, make sure people know what we’re doing.

    Currently (also) done by Nathan van Doorn (Taneb)

  • Careers Officer: Talks to the fearsome outer world, try to get us sponsorship, or at the very least interesting talks.

    Currently done by Michael Mokrysz (_46bit)

  • Infrastructure Officer: Takes good care of society servers, make sure nothing breaks or gets broken by someone.

    Currently done by Charles Pigott (LordAro)

  • Ordinary Member: No special roles, but just generally helps out with the running of the society and events. There are four ordinary member positions.

There are in total, an exciting number of 12 open positions. Seize this opportunity and run for one!

Furthermore, constitutional amendments can be ratified at the AGM. If you want to propose one, the deadline is NOON on Friday the 12th of February.