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AGM results

February 26, 2015

The committee is dead, long live the committee!

Your new overlords are as follows,

  • Michael Walker remained Chair
  • Michael Mokrysz (former Diplomat) became Secretary
  • Nathan van Doorn remained Treasurer
  • Declan Ibberson became Crockery Officer
  • Sam Willcocks became Society Crier
  • Oliver (Ollie) Downard became Diplomat

And the ordinary members:

  • Charles Pigott (remained)
  • Shivam Mistry (former Society Crier)
  • Chongyang Shi
  • James Baxter
  • Hannah Royal
  • Alfred Norton

Didn’t manage to get rid of me this year, although I am told I only won on a technicality, so better luck next time!