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AGM Update

29th January, 2014

The AGM will be held on Friday the 7th of February, at 19:30, in G/001.

As previously mentioned, we will be having our AGM on Friday of week

  1. The deadline for proposing constitutional amendments has now passed, and one amendment was proposed: that we add the following to the section "Officers":

A Diplomat, whose role is outreach with companies and organisations that can help provide opportunities and resources to further our members and the society.

If this amendment passes, we would elect the Diplomat at the AGM, pending ratification of the amendment by YUSU.

The AGM will be immediately followed by HackPub.

To run or vote in elections you need to be a paid member of the society! You may, however, pay at the AGM (before running or voting).

Full details of the positions up for election can be found in the previous post, but to summarise:

Current committee positions (names in parentheses are IRC nicks):

If the 'Diplomat' amendment passes, we will also be electing a Diplomat as mentioned above.

Any paid member can run for any position. You may pay at the AGM and then run for and vote on positions.

You do not need to inform anyone prior to the AGM if you wish to run for a position.

You may run for a position without being present, by emailing hack@yusu.org before the start of the AGM with your name, the position(s) for which you would like to run, and (optionally but preferably) a short manifesto.