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HackSoc Sponsored by Bytemark

January 20, 2014

As you may know, over the Christmas break, Bytemark very kindly started sponsoring us, and have provided a BigV account, on which we have two VMs: runciman and klaxon. This is really awesome of them, as we were expecting maybe a small server if we were lucky, but they (runciman, at least) are pretty powerful!

Bytemark Hosting is the UK’s “geek hosting outfit of choice” because its programmer & network-engineer team have built it that way since 2002, with their own tools, software and technical expertise. They understand web applications and network infrastructure equally, and host names such as Bostik, dopplr.com and Britain’s largest mystery shopping company, Retail Eyes. Their hosting starts at only £15 per month and runs to multi-site managed setups for customers with the fussiest demands of reliability and failover.

runciman is a server available for all members of the society, currently hosting shell accounts and web hosting (paid members only), and a Minecraft server (open to all). If you want an account, read Bytemark’s AUP and get in touch with a member of the committee.

klaxon is our replacement for the /grp/ which used to live on the old CS Linux systems. If you’ve never used grp, it is a student-managed collection of software to supplement what is provided by ITS. Anyone can access hacksoc-grp, simply by mounting it via passwordless SSHFS, and it is “permanently” mounted on csteach0.